Logotype/New Identity

Cue Cube Banners 1240 x 419

You say you want an evolution, well you know…

Is the “evolutionary” better than the “revolutionary” approach when faced with updating an existing brand that has familiarity in an industry and a stable customer base?

Cue•Cube™, a Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin based company that manufactures cue maintenance accessories like tip-shapers and polishing pages for the game of Pool or Billiards decided to be evolutionary instead of revolutionary. Having been recently purchased and with operation underway, Cue•Cube™ management felt it was time to modernize their dated identity. In his own words, Cue-Cube’s President said, “I want to be more evolutionary than revolutionary”. We set out to accomplish this goal.

“I want to be more evolutionary than revolutionary”

The evolutionary approach in updating an established business identity is a vehicle to revitalization, generating interest on an industry & market level. It conveys an effort is underway, within the business itself, to maintain current customers while looking ahead to future growth in new product offerings or added services. In a retail setting, products compete for attention and familiar brand names draw customer’s who are looking for a specific product. Evolutionary design retains brand familiarity and promotes growth and opportunity within the industry.

Avoiding the fad of do it yourself logo development will lead to a professionally created and timeless identity that should generate as much excitement on day 3000 as it does on day 1.

The revolutionary approach in renaming a business, brand or product would in some cases cause ripples in your current customer/manufacture order and supply chain. Confusing returning customers in this way might lead them to think you are no longer in business or no longer offer a specific product causing them to look for another supplier.