Interactive Training Resources

Design Interchange has developed an amazing training platform that provides sales forces and end users with realistic interactive training.  Navigating through on-board computer systems and learning how to configure equipment is made easier by supplying students with in classroom challenges before they get in the operators platform.

Simulate button presses and results while storing configurations as if it were a real machine setup on the job site.

Operator platforms are small with out much room to instruct students in large numbers. With our approach to learning, a greater number of students are able to be instructed at the same time on a tablet or Windows™ based laptop.

The simplest tasks like resetting an oil life monitor to more complex scenarios such as simulating a mandatory action requirement prepare students for real life situations by knowing the right course of action. Preparing students for in-seat familiarity by defining switches, what they control and when to activate features before they operate lessens anxiety and speeds up the learning process.

Showcase your amazing product and its intuitive design without the pressure of students making wrong decisions while in the operating platform.

This system can be developed for any industry, salespersons, and service technicians of any product with a digital user interface.

Bring your training to life with Interactive Training Resources by Design Interchange.