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From beginning to end, Design Interchange stays fully engaged.


Every project has a beginning. Whether you are breaking into a new market or refocusing on an existing one, your need has been identified before you call on an agency. It’s ideas that you seek, and we have plenty of those.


Let’s have a conversation! My ears will be hard at work, listening while my brain burns every ounce of coffee I had that morning as I follow every word and detail about your project. I’ll take notes as your team presents and then my imagination will flood the room with ideas. Isn’t this exciting?


As I gather information, the discussion moves to a different phase. During this interchange, ideas are exchanged and visualized with sketches, descriptions, and possible courses of action, making this a truly collaborative effort.


That was a great meeting. It’s time to get going. We’ve identified the issue, hashed out some rough ideas through brainstorming and collaboration. It is now time to create. The information that we gathered will be transformed into a tangible asset ready for your review.


Covid-19 has limited in person presentations. Thankfully the digital age provides the tools to overcome this obstacle. Via a digital meeting place, we will present our ideas, and concepts to your team and be prepared to receive any feedback or potential adjustments that need to be made.


Improving and refining our concepts to address any questions or concerns is pretty common. How long could that take? That depends on the size and scope of the project. We’ll let you know. Once completed we will schedule another digital meeting or send a digital proof for your team to review and revise. After this stage your design will likely be ready for production. See our production process page for details on how our print management and procurement will save your staff headaches, time and money while improving your companies efficiency and completion rate.

This process has worked so well over the last 25 years, that more agencies are trying to offer the same type of experience. The one thing that seems to be missing is a streamlined process. Your designer is your account manager, your artist and art director. Nothing gets lost in translation. There, it’s streamlined. Just how we like it. I’ll let you think about why this practice reduces design costs, lead times, and the number of corrections.