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“Design Interchange supplies an OEM Simulator solution that gives our dealers the ability to understand, orient and learn complex products, machine settings, and controls in a desktop environment. This Eliminates many fears of making mistakes on actual machines while still understanding the capabilities that the machine gives their customers. Not only is this a great learning tool, it also lets dealers assist customers through navigating settings over the phone, while being able to see what they see.”
Garrett Campbell
Construction Equipment Sales Training Manger
CNH Industrial LLC

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CNH Industrial LLC

Spanning over two decades and many equipment sales training specialists, Design Interchange has provided professional design and development to product training assets used by Case Construction Equipment Employees for training new and veteran salespeople.

Our mission is to learn as much about a product as we can, develop a detailed understanding of that product, and deliver clear and consistent visuals, terminology, and branding .

We put ourselves in a great position to help develop training materials right from the start because we know that learning about your product creates a knowledge base that closes the information gap that often exists between new and seasoned sales professionals? Our goal is to transfer that product knowledge and enable advanced engagement in conversations that culminates with the closing of a sale.