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“We have worked with Jason Flower (Design Interchange) for 20 years. He helps us seek new clients and keep existing clients. Bottom-line, it works. And he’s a pleasure to work with.”

John Shannon, Founder/Managing Director
Guardian Fine Art Services.

Call today: 414-467-2471


The best business relationships are the ones that are built to last. Our friends at Guardian Fine Art Services and the Warehouse in the Menomonee River Valley know that when they work with Design Interchange, we go beyond expectations.

After a span of over two decades and three successful brands, Design Interchange continues to provide creative services to Guardian Fine Art Services with same high energy, attention, dedication and thoughtfulness as we did on day one.

Our new journey focuses on Guardian Fine Art Services and the Warehouse. From logos to liveries, from advertising to trade shows and literature, Design Interchange continues to deliver creative design, timely service and seamless production. We are a trusted supplier to worldwide enterprises and locally owned companies. It would be well worth your time to find out why.



No opportunity to chat? A brochure featuring all that Guardian Fine Art Services has to offer is a quick read with large type and wastes no time in visually portraying a high degree of excellence. Guardian Fine Art Services safeguards your valuable and priceless collections. This gate fold informs potential clients on facilities, art handlers, security, transportation and much more.


We know they exist. We have all seen them. They can range from velcro photos on a curtain to extravagant builds that require skilled labor to assemble. Guardian’s backlit display is neither of those but it captivates interest and invites show goers to engage with Guardian’s knowledgeable staff regarding the various quality services. The private, individual collector, and larger professional entities like museums and other venues choose Guardian when onsite storage becomes challenging.


Statistics. Prior to Covid-19, reaching an audience that has statistically shown more interest in the services Guardian provides is what marketing is all about. Encore playbill ads funnel valuable media impressions to private art collectors that may spend some of their time in observance of operas, theater productions, or symphonies. These patrons are telling you that they appreciate the arts. We understand that the audience, however, is wide-ranging in culture, finances, and enthusiasms and they may not need Guardian’s services, however, they may know someone that does. Guardian facilitates safe storage options for family heirlooms as well as abundant collections. Design Interchange, builds ads focusing on that appeal – safe collection storage and professional handling and moving options.