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Design Interchange a change worth making

a change worth making

Change is intimidating and often resisted.

With a quick study, we learn your brand’s guidelines and provide faster, on-target, communications..

Our experiences bring a new perspective to your visual communications.

Your satisfaction is the measure of our success.

Please, call today and make the transition to Design Interchange a change worth making.




Let us create a new perspective for the way your customers see your brand. Sounds expensive but we don’t seek to change your entire brand and bloat your marketing budget. Often, a simple fine-tuning will provide another lane of creative thought and design for your marketing team to travel in.


Our most valuable resource – time, and our most productive tools – our ears, allow us to quickly understand the scope of your project. An interchange of ideas provides an understanding and appreciation for the work of the past while laying a new foundation for the creative thinking of tomorrow.


Deciding to add another competent design agency into your branding strategy is a big decision – one that we don’t take lightly. We are the kind of resilient and passionate agency that shows through our customer service and responsiveness that you have made a change worth making.

The Process

Everything you need to know about our design process

Every project, from beginning to end, finds challenges that require careful consideration and planning to overcome. In searching for the right path to meet those challenges, we excel at asking the right questions.

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Design Interchange serves a wide range of clients from local to international.
Peek inside the vault and see what we’ve been up to.

We have worked with Jason Flower (Design Interchange) for 20 years. He helps us seek new clients and keep existing clients.  Bottom-line, it works.  And he’s a pleasure to work with.

John Shannon

Founder/Managing Director, Guardian Fine Art Services

Design Interchange supplies an OEM Simulator solution that gives our dealers the ability to understand, orient and learn complex products, machine settings, and controls in a desktop (tablet) environment. This eliminates many fears of making mistakes on actual machines, while still understanding the capabilities that the machine gives their customers. Not only is this a great learning tool, it also lets (our) dealers assist customers through navigating settings over the phone, while being able to see what they see.

Garrett Campbell

Construction Equipment Sales Training Manager, CNH Industrial LLC

GRG Playscapes hired Jason Flower (Design Interchange) to help recreate our brand image by building out a new and improved product book and portfolio. From the very beginning Jason set a tone of Collaboration and Creativity. He went the extra mile every step of the way to help us articulate through visual media a creative and compelling aesthetic. We look forward to the next opportunity to work with Jason and highly recommend his services!

John LaPointe

Co-owner and Founder, GRG Playscapes

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“Joy is the zest that you get out of using your talent.”

– Rollo May

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